Vision & Values

Our Vision is to create a community where we share the values that Sanfermines represents. Everybody, independent of, sex, race, or citizenship is welcome to share his/hers voice. Sanfermines is what you decide it to be, everyone wearing white and red, everybody is for San Fermin, Sanfermines is for everybody.

Community First

Everything starts and ends with the community. The moment we prioritize something other than the community will be the beginning of the end.

Sanfermines at our Core

We are a community that is built around Sanfermines, and what it represents. Our goal is to work for a better Sanfermines and we will fight for it. Everyone is welcome, everyone is equal, and everyone creates Sanfermines. We are here thanks to Sanfermines and we will work to make it better.

Long Term Value

Sanfermines will never dissapear and as time passes, we will grow with it. Trust the process, we will work together and add utility to our community.


Sanfermines would not be what it is if it wasn’t for the community. There is no discussion around it. No matter where you are from or what your beliefs are, if you dress in white & red you are part of it. We do the same in Kiliki Club, if you love Sanfermines and what it represents, you are welcome to join.

Our Social Impact

We want to make the world a better place, and we want to use Sanfermines to do it. This is the reason why Kiliki Club will collaborate with local artists, brands, NGOs, etc… to give back to the local community.

The way we will do so is by donating 10% of our profits to a local NGO that will be decided by the community.

We want to improve our city and our community will help us to do it.


Sanfermines 2022 - The year of the creation of Kiliki Club

February 2nd 2022
1. Whitelist application opened to people from Pamplona. The people who participate in Sanfermines every year must be the first members of our community.
March 3rd 2022
2. Whitelist application opened to everyone. Everyone who wants to join is welcome to do so.
June 11th 2022
3. Official launching of the project. A private event where we will explain our vision and our objectives. There is limited capacity, you can write to us to request an invite (We will not be able host all the members)
June 24th 2022
4. Whitelist minting begins. Those who want to acquire more Kilikis at a discount will be able to do so. The more Kiliki NFTs you own the more benefits you will have!
July 1st 2022
5. Public minting begins. At this point, everyone will be able to acquire a Kiliki NFT for 150 MATICs.
July 6th 2022
6. At 12:00 pm will be the official reveal! In this moment everyone will discover which Kiliki NFT avatar they got. The first Digital Community of Sanfermines will start its journey!

Sanfermines 2023...

¡Join Kiliki Club!

Sign up to become a member of Kiliki Club ¡Among the first people who apply we will give away Free NFTs!


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFT are a unique crypto assests that are used to represent real assets (phyisical or digital). In our case it represents a membership card.

You will get a Kiliki NFT Avatar which will be the your membership card for Kiliki Club, the first Digital Community linked to Sanfermines. Once you own your Kiliki NFT you will access to our Telegram group and all the benefits that you can see on this page.

Yes. As we build our community, we want to teach everyone about how to use the blockchain technology. We will create content for our community that will teach everyone how to mint an NFT.

There will be a maximum of 10.000 Kilikis NFT Avatars. They will not all be released in Sanfermines 2022

Yes, you will receive a free NFT minting if you give us your contact details and wallet before we complete our whitelist.

You will need to use Metamask and MATIC to mint your NFT.

On July 6th at 12:00 all the Kilikis will be revealed. Untill then, no one will know which Kiliki Avatar they own.

Yes. Once you own a Kiliki NFT Avatar, you will be able to sell it in a secondary market.

We will use the Polygo network.